Overthrow your flinch and visit the most ghostly places in India. We are offering you the best Bhangarh Chand Baori Tour where you can explore both the places on a single day. Chand Baori is situated in the district of Dausa, Rajasthan.


Bhangarh is a well-known famous place which is situated in Alwar. Chandbaori is famous for its famed geometrical pattern. Bhangarh is all a mystery where a whole village got deserted. It is quite good if you will plan this trip with your family and friends where you can explore many more places.

Chand Bawdi

  • Chand Bawdi, an ancient well in Rajasthan is a testimony to the ingenuity and grit of the desert people. They realized the worth of every drop of water and built themselves a magnificent water source.
  • A stepwell or ‘bawdi’ or ‘baori’, is exactly what the name suggests – a well with steps that lead down to the water. About 1000 years ago, a 13-storey deep water reservoir boasting 3500 steps was built to ensure that people in the arid Abhaneri region of Rajasthan had a dependable water source.

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