Banaras is a city filled with charm. It’s called the city of Lord Shiva. This holy city of India attracts a lot of international tourists. There are a lot of shrines, temples, and Ghats which gives this city a serene and majestic vibe. Even an atheist will not be able to escape from falling in love with this city.

Let’s take you to spend a day visiting this great picturesque city and feel the extravaganza of the place. Let’s travel through the sacred city, and probably the oldest too, of Varanasi visiting Ganga Ghats and beautiful temples. Banaras is also an important manufacturing center of silk, sculptures, and perfumes along with being a religious center.

Sunrise Ghat

You cannot escape the serene effects of classical notes. You will be sitting there enjoying the music when suddenly you notice a beam of light. On turning towards the sky, you will witness one of the most beautiful sights in this world – the sunrise!

Sunrise In Varanasi

The rising sun will paint the sky orange. The shimmering waves of Ganges will cheerfully welcome the new day. It will be the picture-perfect moment that the Ganges will capture through its blurry waves. The music will continue to mesmerize you while the sight of sunrise moves you.

Boating Rides Sunset

After shopping now we should go for boating. Yes, boating! And you won’t believe your eyes when you glance at the shore while sitting in a boat surrounded by the sacred water of the Ganges.

You are amidst the holy waves of the river Ganges while the sky turns orange once again but this time its bidding goodbye. The waves are again shimmering and wishing a good night to the sun. But a day visiting Benaras is not over without witnessing Ganga Arti.

Sankat Mochan Temple

Varanasi is best known for its Sarees, Street food, and Spirituality. Visiting a few temples is a must whenever you are in Banaras. Since you are at Assi Ghat, it will be convenient to visit the Sankat Mochan temple. 

Saint Goswami Tulsidas, the author of the great epic Ramcharit Manas, established this temple for worshipping Hindu Lord Hanuman. As you enter the temple, you will be welcomed by some friendly monkeys. Sankat Mochan temple is home to thousands of monkeys, and their interaction with people is both weird and wonderful.

You can also make them friends by offering them a piece of Prasad (holy offerings). From the first step inside the temple, the ambiance is filled with positivity. Though there will be a lot of chattering around you, you could still feel the peace in your heart. Sankat means problems, and Mochan means reliever. Thus people visit this temple to find solutions to their problem and relieve themselves from the worldly burdens.

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